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Let me Count the Ways

Odai - A Theme Community
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How this Comm Works.

Odai is a bit different than other Theme Comms. Odai(お題)is the Japanese word for Theme or Title. Odai lists are popular within the Japanese online fan community with multiple people working on the same list at any one time. Some are tailored to a specific Series, Pairing, or Character while others are General purpose.

This Comm is dedicated to translating Odai for Non-Japanese speaking fans, giving them a chance to use the lists as inspiration for their own work, and finally a place to share the results with others.

The way we work is a little bit different as well - partly by Japanese rules, partly by English-Speaking rules. Series/Pairing/Character Specific Odai may have multiple claims placed upon them as per Japanese rules. General Odai may only for a Specific Use by one person as per English-Speaking rules. Moreover, claims can be done in the method the claimer sees fit, be it art, writing, icons etc. (unless the Odai is restricted to a single method)



1. The translators here MUST NOT make any indication that the Odai they translate belong to them. THEY DON’T. They belong to the original Japanese authors - Not us. We are simply translating them so that Non-Japanese speaking fans may use them for inspiration.

2. No Flaming, No Disputes, No Disrespect. Playful joking and friendly, intelligent debate is perfectly fine though.

3. Posters are allowed to moderate their own threads. If you don’t want off-topic discussion then say so.

4. Please have your Japanese Language Pack installed on your browser as Japanese text will be posted in this community.

5. You don’t have to be a member to use the Odai lists. If you’re just looking for an idea, feel free to browse what is here. However, if you’re serious about making a claim, please join the Comm just to be fair to other members.

Claiming an Odai

1. Series/Pairing/Character Specific Odai may have multiple claims placed upon them.

2. General Odai may also have multiple claims. However, Specific Uses may only be claimed by one person. Example - One person may claim the “Sweet Sweet Odai” for Locke/Celes. No one else can then use that Odai for that particular pairing. However, someone else could claim the “Doting Odai” for Locke/Celes.

3. You may claim up to 5 Odai at any one time. However, you cannot use more than one General Odai for a Specific Use. Example - You can’t have claimed Kenshin for both the “Human Body Odai” and the “Battlefield Odai.” You must complete one Specific Use Odai claim before applying that Specific Use to another Odai.

4. You can however have overlapping Specific Odai claims. For example - You can claim the “Sephiroth Odai,” “the Vincent Odai,” and the “Sephiroth/Vincent Odai” all at the same time.

5. You may use any method you wish to complete an Odai unless it’s been designed for a specific method. Example - You can do the “Fantasy Lover Odai” in artwork, writing, or icons, but you can only do the “Boys’ Love Novel Odai” in writing.

Requesting a Translation of an Odai

1. Simply post the link in a comment on the Translation Request Post. Turn-around time varies depending on who wishes to translate. (Default Translator is animekittysama)

2. Translators other than the default must post their translations at the Submit an Odai Post. Once they are proof read, they’ll be included in the next update.

3. Newly translated Odai will be released for use in blocks of 5+ or once a week, whichever comes first.

Submitting a Translated Odai

1. All Odai should be submitted in a similar format.

1. Title (In Japanese and English)
2. Link to the Odai homepage. (Either as text or using the official banner)
If the homepage cannot be found, please include a link to a site where the full list is posted.
3. List the Odai in table format with both the original Japanese and English translation, 5 themes to a row.

4. If you were unable to translate a title or two, that’s okay. We’ll do our best to help provide a translation for you over at the help post.

Example Odai


The Human Body Odai



1 Finger

2 Hair

3 Neck

4 Back

5 Tiptoes

6 Eyes

7 Lips

8 Collarbone

9 Fingernail

10 Leg

11 Hip

12 Chest

13 Navel

14 Arm

15 Put it all Together!

Posting Results

1. Format for posting -

Title: Odai, Themes included (In numbers)

Odai Name
Series/Characters: (If applicaple)
Themes Included: (English Translation)
Warnings: (Worksafeness/Spoilers)

2. Everything MUST be posted under a cut or linked to another journal entry.

3. Please keep the content relatively clean. Hinting at sex/violence is okay, but nothing too graphic for this comm. If you are including anything a bit 18+ please post link it to another journal rather than post here.

(People who know me obviously know that I have no problems with depictions of sex, I'm just covering myself to make sure no one is offended.)

Quick Links to Odai Lists

General 5-49

General 50-99

General 100+


Video Games

Final Fantasy - Separate due to number of lists